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Thermal Temperature Reading Cameras – The New Normal


Thermal Temperature Reading Cameras – The New Normal

Businesses are gearing up to reopen from the Covid-19 shutdowns. As they open you’re going to see a number of new security and health measures taken to protect employees and customers. One of the new technologies will be Thermal Temperature Reading cameras. Thermal Temperature Reading cameras are designed to quickly read body temperatures. They can send alerts when potential fever conditions are detected from people entering. Having a fever doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is infected with Covid-19, but I’m sure we can all agree that if you have a fever you should probably be staying home.

Thermal Temperature Reading cameras are going to be the new must-have in schools, hospitals, office buildings, doctor offices, warehouses, grocery stores, arenas and any other place where people gather in the masses.

Covid-19 has already forced changes in the way the U.S. government deals with long-standing practices intended to ensure hiring decisions are not subject to bias against the disabled. Federal law bans companies from forcing workers to take medical exams. This includes checking their temperature. However, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently revised its rules to say employers could now take workers’ temperatures whenever they wanted. Employers can also withdraw a job offer if a newly hired worker is diagnosed with Covid-19.

Moving forward as a business owner, it’s going to be important that your customers and employees feel safe. Investing in Thermal Temperature Reading cameras will help provide a safe environment. It will also be a valuable tool to help stop the spread of infectious diseases.

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