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Home Security Systems; Video Surveillance & Home Automation video analytics-Security Systems

Home Security Systems; Video Surveillance & Home Automation

Imagine you’re sound asleep while someone is creeping around outside your home, walking around the side of your house and checking windows and doors to see if they’re unlocked. Then they pry a window open and your

  Home Security video analytics- Home security systems- Security systemsSystems siren goes off because your  Security System does its job by scaring them away.  

Imagine you’re at work and someone smashes your sliding door with a rock. Your  Security Systems siren goes off and scares them away. It  followed by security monitoring service notifying you instead and dispatching the police. You rush home to broken glass everywhere but thankful your home security system has prevented the bad person from entering your home. What if your Home Security Systems could help prevent the break-in from even happening???

Freedom Systems & Home Security Systems

At Freedom Systems, we like to be proactive with our Security Systems. By using video surveillance and home automation with your  Security Systems we can help prevent the break-in from happening in the first place  and avoiding the expensive repair costs and scares.ADC-V723 camera- Best Security Systems- Home Security Systems

You can choose to add our video surveillance cameras to your home security system. Our Security Systems have  video analytics to determine a person from a neighborhood cat. The video surveillance cameras will notify you of an intruder. It can be used with our home automation services to turn on lights instead.

You can even have interior lights turn on making it appear as though you know someone is walking around your property.

In the case there is an intruder, your home alarm system has panic buttons on your keypad and within your mobile app. The siren will sound and the police will be immediately dispatched by pressing your Home Security Systems panic button. Don’t wait to be the victim of a senseless crime that costing you money and distress. Call us today for your free Home Security System  analysis. We’ll help you design a proactive Home Security System  by using our video surveillance and home automation services.


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