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Business Security Systems & Video Surveillance Systems

Business Security Systems & Video Surveillance Systems

Business Security Systems

Here at Freedom Systems, we understand the challenges of securing your business. With our Business Security Systems and Video Surveillance Systems, we provide you with the peace of mind knowing your business is protected when you lock up and go home for the night. Our Business Security Systems are designed to help prevent trespassing, vandalism, illegal dumping, and break-ins. When designing our Business Security Systems, we use a 3 layered approach. Our Business Security Systems are designed to be proactive instead of reactive. 

First Layer of Business Security Systems

The first layer of our Business Security Systems is deterring criminals from trespassing on your property. Our Business Security Systems use a combination of exterior motion detectors and siren/strobe lights. If a trespasser gains access to your property, a motion detector will detect them and set off flashing lights and sirens, which leads us to the second layer of our Business Security Systems

Second Layer of  Business Security Systems

The second layer of our Business Security Systems is our Video Surveillance Systems. When the system sends you an alert that someone is trespassing, you can use your Video Surveillance System to view your property and see what’s going on. With the help of your Video Surveillance System, you’ll be able to see if the trespasser chooses to ignore the Business Security Systems flashing lights and sirens and continues to proceed with the break-in. At this point, you can use your Business Security Systems mobile app to trigger a panic alarm that immediately dispatches the police. With your Video Surveillance System, you can playback video footage and download videos. Click here to learn more about Video Surveillance Systems for your business. 

Third Layer of  Business Security Systems

The third layer of our Business Security Systems is our alarm systems. Let’s face it, we are not always available 24/7 to monitor our Video Surveillance Systems and Business Security Systems. In the case you do miss an alert, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your Business Security System is equipped with an alarm system that is monitored by a professional monitoring center. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are there when you aren’t able to be. 

If someone does break in, we use door sensors, window sensors, interior motion detectors, and glass break detectors to detect an intruder that has broken into your building. When you’re not available, the monitoring center will notify you and dispatch the police. 

Let us help you secure your business using our 3 layer, proactive approach to deter intruders from damaging your property, stealing your possessions, and costing you money and grief. Trust the experts for your Business Security System and Video Surveillance System needs. Call us today for your free consultation.

Business Security Systems
Exterior Motion Detectors with Siren Strobe


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