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Strategies for Business Security Camera Systems

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Strategies for Business Security Camera Systems

In this article, we’d like to share some strategies for using your Business  Security Camera Systems that will not only help better your security but also to increase your bottom line.

Make 3 Phone Calls

Imagine if every time your employees looked up at one of your Business Security Camera Systems they saw an extension of you. With a business camera system, you can have the ability to be there 24 / 7 with the use of our mobile apps and software. When absent from the business, we recommend calling to check-in 3 times per week referencing your Business Security Cameras.

  • “I noticed on the Business Security Camera systems that the place looks great; keep up the good work”

  • “I noticed on the Business Security Cameras that there is an important package that was delivered”

  • “I noticed on the Business Security Cameras that you really went out of your way to help that customer”

Use the 3 Phone Call strategy for positive reinforcement. Your employees will then think of the Business Security Camera systems as a tool for efficiency and for the greater good of the company.

Decrease Theft

Theft can hide in the shadows as many different forms. Here are some types of theft to look out for using your Business Security Cameras:


Employees are supposed to be working while on the clock. Use your Business Security Systems to oversee productivity when you can’t always be there.

Time Card Fraud

Monitor employee time cards. When in question, use your Business Security Cameras to do playback and make sure the actual employee punching in wasn’t a coworker.

Employee Breaks

Everyone needs a break, it’s the law. Use your Business Security Cameras to make sure your employees are taking and returning from their breaks when they’re supposed to.

Food Costs

We’ve all been to a restaurant and witnessed an employee either under or over serve. It’s important to be consistent. Use your Business Security Cameras to monitor portions and improve consistency. Watch for food waste in the kitchen. Keep an eye on food going out the back door and free lunches. Use your Business Security Camera system when deliveries are questionable.

Retail Theft

Make it easy for the police. With our Business Security Cameras, you’ll have crystal clear videos of thieves. Use spot monitors, position cameras correctly, and provide your employees with the tools they need to watch the merchandise. A properly designed Business Security System will help deter a thief.

Identity Theft / Credit Card Fraud

With Identity and credit card fraud becoming more and more popular, use your Business Security Camera System to help protect your business and clients. In the case that fraud occurs it’s important to be able to easily download videos to provide to the police.

Reduce Liability / Insurance Claims

Business Security Cameras can help prevent fraudulent insurance claims and reduce liability.

L&I Claims

 Use your Business Security Cameras to review camera footage to find out how or if an employee was injured on the job. Minimize the chances of harassment and violence.

Over Serving

 Over serving a customer at the bar can be both dangerous for the customer and your business. Keep an eye on the bartenders and make sure to have enough video storage in case the Liquor Control Board decides to do an investigation. The last thing you want is to over serve a customer at your business and have them drive home.

Employee & Customer Safety

 Allow your employees access to parking lot cameras so they can scan the parking lot and safely make it to their vehicles. Business Security Cameras will help deter crime and violence.

Insurance Claims of Business Security Camera Systems

In the case something bad happens to a customer or your building it’s extremely helpful to have a Business Camera System. Your Business Camera System could save you thousands of dollars by debunking fraudulent insurance claims. In the case of a legitimate insurance claim, your insurance company will want to verify the validity of a claim. 

Call us today to schedule your walk through so we can help you design your Business Security Camera System that works for your business! 

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