Costco Camera System

Costco camera

First off, I just want to say how much I love Costco. They are a great company who care about their employees and it’s an awesome place to shop.  BUT… they do a horrible job of selling camera and security products. I have been to countless houses where people have walked me into their garage,  […]

Alarm System Agreements – Good or Bad?

alarm, good or bad

In the alarm industry, it’s common for a company to request that the customer sign an agreement. In this article we’re going to discuss the good and the bad. The Good Save money upfront A lot of companies will have an option to save money upfront by signing an agreement and paying a little more […]

How to Choose the Best Security Systems

security systems, Good or bad, business security systems

When you are looking online for the best security systems, you will be inundated by 3 major players: Google (Nest) Amazon (Ring) and Simply Safe. I’ll let you in on a little trade secret because what these companies provide is far from being the best security systems. They just happen to be the best at […]

Strategies for Business Security Camera Systems

Business Security Systems-retail

In this article, we’d like to share some strategies for using your Business  Security Camera Systems that will not only help better your security but also to increase your bottom line. Make 3 Phone Calls Imagine if every time your employees looked up at one of your Business Security Camera Systems they saw an extension of […]

Business Security Systems & Video Surveillance Systems

Business Security systems- Best Security Systems

The second layer of our Business Security Systems is our Video Surveillance Systems. The system sends you an alert when someone is trespassing. So  you can use your Video Surveillance System to view your property and see what’s going on. Video Surveillance System help you to see the trespasser who chooses to ignore the Business Security […]

Home Security Systems; Video Surveillance & Home Automation video analytics-Security Systems

Imagine you’re sound asleep while someone is creeping around outside your home, walking around the side of your house and checking windows and doors to see if they’re unlocked. Then they pry a window open and your   Home Security Systems siren goes off because your  Security System does its job by scaring them away.   Imagine […]

Thermal Temperature Reading Cameras – The New Normal


Businesses are gearing up to reopen from the Covid-19 shutdowns. As they open you’re going to see a number of new security and health measures taken to protect employees and customers. One of the new technologies will be Thermal Temperature Reading cameras. Thermal Temperature Reading cameras are designed to quickly read body temperatures. They can […]

Video Surveillance Systems – How to Choose

Video Surveillance Systems  Analog, IP & TVI Video surveillance systems are changing and changing fast. It’s not easy keeping up with technology or to decide on what type of equipment to use in your home or business. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the different types of video surveillance systems on the market […]